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We currently tutor students on the GCSE French Accelerator Program and also have 1-2-1 slots available.
(Foundation & Higher)

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If your child...

❌ is struggling in GCSE French and is losing motivation and confidence

❌ is falling behind and losing focus in class

❌ has tried various ways to catch-up but was unsuccessful

❌ is confused about how to start filling in the gaps in their knowledge

then please read on, as I can help. 


Following 8 years of tutoring GCSE students,  a common thread of difficulties facing students emerged.


Based on my observations and practice at addressing those issues, I put together the 4 Steps Success Method which tackles these knowledge gaps and also takes into account their learning environment and other important skills needed for them to excel. 

This method is at the core of the GCSE French Accelerator Program which aims to take students' grades to the next levels.


We help students become confident in speaking, listening comprehension and grammar, and boost their GCSE grades in as little as 12 weeks. It is designed for year 10 and 11 students who currently have a minimum of grade 4 or 5, and are keen to boost their grades to a 7 and beyond in their exams.


Here’s what this unique learning experience includes, and your child will:


✅ 1. Build solid foundations in grammar to help secure higher grades

✅ 2. Develop key habits & techniques to maximise learning

✅ 3. Learn & use proven methodology to retain key knowledge 

✅ 4. Learn study & time management skills to excel in the exams 


Your child will also learn to develop a growth mindset and will be part of an environment that will support, praise and encourage their efforts and motivate them to keep providing the hard work.


Here’s an example of some of the results I have helped students achieve over the last year;


🔥 Laura nailed all the French tenses and managed to get a 9 in her exams.


🔥 Sienna not only increased her French grades from a 4 to an 7 but is now better in English grammar as a result.


🔥 Hugo's confidence in himself increased and through his hard work, he secured a grade 8 in his exams.


🔥 Following a clear plan and roadmap, Ali managed to boost his grades from 4 to a 7 and he's now feeling confident about his exams next year.


If this sound like it would help your child, tap on the link below, to enter your details and book a call or email at

How Ryan jumped 2 grades in 3 months!

How Laura got a 9!👇

How Joe excelled in Foundation GCSE 👇

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