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Why hire me as your tutor?

  • Teaching methods based in critical pedagogy that ensure active engagement and progress

  • Very well-structured  lessons with logical progression for optimum learning

  • Students learn to become independent thinkers

  • Successful methods to master French grammar 

  • Over 8 years of experience working in schools

  • Expertise of both primary and secondary school curriculums

  • Expertise in 13+, GCSE,  IGCSE exams

  • Use of the target language is maximised in the lesson

  • Relevant, tailored homework after each session

  • A committed, reliable and thorough teacher

  • A native French speaker

  • A touch of humour that helps make learning fun!






How Linda' son upgraded from a D to a B in just 2 months👇

“ Karine was recommended to me and I’m really glad as she is an excellent tutor. She is professional and caring, and always sends carefully planned homework.


Her help with my daughter has been invaluable so far and I’m getting her to tutor my son next! ”

Lou, parent - March 2017

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